Procedures for Foreign Travel
(Outside the 50 states of the United States and the District of Columbia)
Foreign travel requires written approval of the CJSA State Administrator and US Soccer. While the State Administrator will verify that your club/team is in good standing with your district, your District Vice President does not sign your application to travel. No later than thirty (30) days prior to your departure date, a team traveling outside the United States (outside the 50 states of the United States and the District of Columbia) must submit to CJSA:
1.  Completed US Youth Soccer Application To Travel; an incomplete application will be returned and considered as not having ever been submitted;
2.  Completed U.S. Soccer Application for Foreign Travel. (Must be original – no faxes)
3.  Copy of the official brochure, pamphlet, invitation, or other applicable material of the tournament or games host;
4.  Copy of the Roster that has been signed, stamped, or both, by the appropriate registrar and includes all players and team officials.
5.  Check for the following travel processing fees;
            a. $50 (per team) made payable to U.S. Soccer
6.  The Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act signed compliance statement.
Forms submitted without all applicable processing fees will be returned.
After ensuring that your team is in good standing with CJSA, U.S. Soccer will forward the approved application to your team coach or manager and CJSA. U.S. Soccer will then notify the association in the country to which your team is traveling indicating that your team is properly affiliated and has permission to travel.

It is the responsibility of the TEAM to contact the appropriate officials in each of the countries to which the team is traveling to determine which documents (such as passports, visas, proof of age) are required before members of the team will be admitted into each of those countries.
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